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Heart of Thistle and Clover

Original Colorway with Beaded Roof Trim

Original Colorway with Beaded Roof Trim

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The original colorway of my first Baba Yaga House Protection Charm but with black glass seed beads added to the roof trim. There are only 4 of these available. Each have their own character even though they share the same design and colorway- all due to the fact each are handmade by me.

Every piece of mine is meant to be imperfect, so please don't expect them to be otherwise. I stitch each one with intention and cleanse it with Rosemary smoke before I add wildcrafted Juniper sewn inside for feral protection. Each piece gets cleansed again before packaging. 

Meant to be worn directly over your heart or inside your coat/sweater lining to help protect and guard your heart center.

All orders will be shipped out no later than Saturday, April 27th.

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