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Heart of Thistle and Clover

::PRESALE:: Hope is a Thing with Feathers Protection Pocket

::PRESALE:: Hope is a Thing with Feathers Protection Pocket

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This a PRESALE of the Hope is a Thing with Feathers Protection Pocket. There are only 7 of these available. Each have their own character even though they share the same design and colorway- all due to the fact each are handmade by me.

Every piece of mine is meant to be imperfect, so please don't expect them to be otherwise. I stitch each one with intention and cleanse it with Rosemary smoke before I add wildcrafted Juniper sewn inside for feral protection. Each piece gets cleansed again before packaging. 

Meant to be worn directly over your heart or inside your coat/sweater lining to help protect and guard your heart center. The velvet heart is a tiny pocket meant to hold crystals, herbs, love notes or talismans...anything that helps remind you to guard your heart.

All orders will be shipped out no later than May 23rd 2024.

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