Kintsugi: a reminder for our hearts

Kintsugi: a reminder for our hearts

During set up at last Sunday’s market, the wind kicked up pretty fierce. In an attempt to grab a friend’s product before it blew away completely, this frame slammed to the asphalt.
My heart sunk. All the hours and details I spent on this piece. I picked it up and finished set up, albeit a very pared down, bare bones display due to the wind.
Despite being so bummed out on work being damaged and my display lackluster (yes I really did set up on two plastic tote bins with my furs draped over), I had a wonderful market.
I met two amazing souls- @moon.flowersss and @laura.binagia , got to catch up with @goldenhazeshop and @mullenvintageco , and of course hanging out all day with my booth mates- @love.letter.vintage and @kelsey.reynolds (all three of us collectively known as @treasuredthreads.handmadegems )

I decided when I got home, that all was not lost on this frame. With two cracks, it is actually is in stellar shape from falling flat on the pavement.

So this week I did a little kintsugi. Kintsugi — which means “join with gold” — is the Japanese art of repairing broken objects, often ceramic pottery or glass. Traditionally, gold lacquer is used to piece shards together again, creating a more beautiful object through the acts of breaking and repair.

If that isn’t the most physical representation of tending to our hearts, then pinch me. I hope whoever claims this piece sees the wholeness of the heart not brokenness ❤️‍🔥✨

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