The Scandalous Story Behind the Vintage Sewing Machine in My Display

The Scandalous Story Behind the Vintage Sewing Machine in My Display

I shared this story and more about the cast iron Muller toy sewing machine on my socials. But I love this story and thought I would share it here. The more I get to talk about those who are part of my lineage, the more connected I am to them.

I started off using this sewing machine as part of my display because it held the aesthetics of my brand and gave depth to my table. Yet my first Moon Market with Rituals Herbal in Taylor last fall, I found many of you enchanted by it as much as I was.

I couldn’t stop talking to each of you who inquired about how I came across it and who it belonged to. You all saw the importance of it and I love each of you for that.

So now I want to share a bit of my Great Aunt Helen with each of you here. I hope she knows how proud I am of her. She was making waves as a strong woman even though it caused strife with her family.
Apparently at some point (I believe after she died), my grandfather burned a lot of her belongings because he found some “scandalous” photos of her. My Aunt and Mother also tell stories of being in her apartment and noticing she had mirrors above her bed.

Recently I found out that the small ceramic animal figures that I grew up with at our home were trinkets she used to gift my Mother and Aunt. I loved those figurines and often played with them. They still adorn my childhood bedroom and doorframe. A room I found out was her childhood room as well since I was lucky enough to grow up in a house passed down to generations.

So to have this Müller, her cigarette pouch, and a few pieces of her jewelry means I keep her memory safe. And hopefully get to change the negative stories of her independence that live in our family🧡

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